SANTOS DUVAL      le poète de l'amour , le peintre fulgurant et le comédien                                        

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Manifest of orgasmic fulgurating painting

 Contrary to technique, Inspiration, which is the manifestation of genius, is not learnt at school.

Technique is what remains when one is not inspired !

Inspiration is free, because it comes from elsewhere. For those believing in God, it is of divine essence.

It is particularly unpredictable and sudden. It strikes like thunder, like the expression « a stroke of genius »

It comes from far away, from where, I do not know; from somewhere above. Maybe from the cemetery of souls? Or maybe from the paradise of beauty?


I imagine in the stratosphere, atoms or universal waves, travel and during a creative storm, strike the earth like a thunderstorm of inspiration. For the artist receiving it, because he knows of their existence, and he is calling it, looking for it and expecting it, it transforms into sudden enlightenment, which spreads in his being and feeds his creativity: to the tune of harnessing electrical power of the thunder to feed our urban networks.


The artist is a receiver of lightning, and the thunder is his inspiration. The artist, contrary to the craftsman, has to be a fulgurating one

Technique which is only a tool for expression automatically follows, pushed by the extraordinary energy of the creative storm, giving the artist the rage to create.

All the senses switched on, he becomes the instrument of this unknown and untameable force which transforms him , carrying him in a creative “maelstrom” which submerges him and from which he leaves exhausted and worked out, but satisfied like after making love, when love is made well.

The creative storm is similar to the storm of desire: it imposes pleasure, like the pleasure of a fulgurating ejaculation


Creation is the ejaculation of genius and those who know love, know that there are never two similar ejaculations


This is why a fulgurating artist never makes a series : lightning never fall twice in the same place!


and even indefinitely repeating the coitus in the “missionary” position,

one never becomes an unforgettable lover!